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Website Guidelines


Immerse English is operated by online English freelance tutors, rather than a business. Therefore, our terms do not hold any formal legalities, but instead, are our personal preferences regarding the conditions we teach. When purchasing any type of subscription or lesson, you are agreeing enter a verbal agreement, and choosing to comply with the terms below. Thank you. 


At Immerse English, you can cancel any lesson or subscription at any time. We understand that in the fast-paced modern world, cancellations are likely due to other commitments and unforeseen circumstances. In most cases, rescheduling lessons, or refunds will be given, but we also hope that you can inform us of why the cancellation has taken place as soon as possible. 


We will offer full refunds to students who have cancelled lessons at least 6 hours in advance. If not, then the payment for the lesson will not be refunded. 

Subscriptions will be partially refunded based on how many lessons you have already used. You will receive a full refund if your first lesson has not occurred yet. 

Late for lessons

Our tutors will be online for the whole period of your lesson. We expect students to attend lessons on time, but we also understand delays can occur. We will try and finish the entire lesson, but please understand that we cannot guarantee it. 

In social classes, the lesson will always start on time, and finish at the planned finishing time, even if one or more student arrives late. 

Study Times

Lessons are booked on a first-come, first served basis, so you are not guaranteed your ideal lesson time. We will do our utmost to accommodate all students, and make sure everyone is happy with their lesson time, but some circumstances will not be under our control. 

Banning of Students

At Immerse English, we celebrate togetherness, unity and community, so we expect all students to abide by the following rules. We will not hesitate to ban users from the forum, member chat, and taking lessons for inappropriate behaviour. 

We request all students to; 
NOT discriminate against any race, gender, sexuality and social class. 
NOT use offensive language
NOT harass other members or tutors of the community
NOT spam or advertise 
NOT post copyright-infringing material
NOT post sensitive or offensive material

Private Tutor Assistance

Private Tutor Assistance allows the student to receive expert feedback from qualified native tutors. We anticipate you will be happy with our feedback, but in some circumstances, our tutors may not be able to help you with the corrections. We will offer a refund on an Immerse Basic membership if this is to be the case. 

Price Changes

Prices and discounts are always subject to change at Immerse English, but these will be openly shared with the community. 

Changes to Schedule

Scheduled hours are always subject to change at Immerse English, but this will openly share with the community. 

Subject to change

Our terms and conditions are always subject to change at any point. 

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